Don't leave this critical relationship to chance

If you want to advance your career, (and feel less stressed in general) you need to make sure your boss in on your side.

Managing Your Boss

(This is a BONUS online class that you get as part of your Annual Membership to the Executive Mentoring Group. It's in addition to the Executive Playbooks.)

What you get...

A webinar that shares key insights with action steps and scripts to drive the right conversations with your boss.

2. The E-BOOK
Everything in the webinar is also included in a comprehensive E-book that you can download and use as a reference at any time.

You also get tools in the form or worksheets, templates, and specific scripts you can use to increase your conficence, and to get alignment and support from your boss for your career goals.

Managing Your Boss

The bottom line... Managing Your Boss: Your relationship with your boss is critical to your career.

Whether you a good boss or a bad boss, do ot leave this relationship to chance. There are specific things you can do to influence the relationship in a positive way. Get scripts for the important conversations you need to be having with your boss to ensure progress and reduce risk in your career. 

  • Get Your Boss on Your Side to keep advancing
  •  Exact Conversations that you need to have to build trust and confidence
  •  Drive Your Performance Review so you're seen as a star
  •  Get Promotions and Pay Raises that you deserve, in a non-awkward way

If you can take the lead to get and keep alignment with your boss on the things that are most important to you, you will have a huge advantage.

What is covered in this class...

Below are some of the many topics that will help you take control of your crushing workload and make your life better.

Key Topics:
  • Building Trust and Confidence
  • Create Transparency without Detail
  • Understanding your boss's hang-ups
  • Communication Dashboard
  • Making your Boss Look Good
  • Offering Value. Taking Weight Away
  • Your Performance Review
  • What do to if your Boss is Blocking You


Key Conversation Scripts 
  • Negotiating Pay and Performance
  • Aligning on Ruthless Priorities
  • Communicating Performance Metrics
  • Getting help and access to resources and networks
  • Getting Opportunities for Visibility
  • Getting support for your Professional Development 




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"Patty’s program helped me land 2 promotions and ultimately MY DREAM JOB I was struggling with going from a first-line manager up to a director. I thought all you had to do was put your head down and work hard… I was so wrong"

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